Melissa Machon Werner

Providing Hope for your Health Journey

What would YOU like to be better when you wake up tomorrow morning?

Hello there.

My name is Melissa Machon Werner. I’ve been on a personal health journey since about 2012, and I'm here now for you. One of the first questions I ask someone I meet is "what would you like to be different when you wake up in the morning?" There are changes you can make today, to give you a better tomorrow. I'm here to help you find hope for a healthier future, and hope for a healthier you.

Here’s my story.

The first time I went to see a naturopath, he actually stopped in the middle of the exam. He told me he was afraid to go any further because my body was in such a poor state. That didn’t give me much hope for the future! It was time for me to make some changes in my lifestyle.

So I started a new journey of taking control of my health. That year I began eliminating all grains from my diet, and I began seeing an acupuncture specialist who introduced me to essential oils. She invited me to a class, and I sat there and hung on every word.

The thing that was the most intriguing to me, that lit my fire the most, was that this was an alternative to what the western world of medicine was offering. Suddenly I could see that with essential oils, I had another tool in my tool belt of health and wellness.

It was like a light went off when she explained how God has created our cells with a similar composition as plant material. Meaning that unlike anything man-made, essential oils can cross the barrier deep into our cells where we can benefit from them the most.

That made a lot of sense to me and I wanted to know more, so I sat down with her and bought a kit of oils. (The least expensive kit you can buy - and even I told her to never try to sell me more, or talk to me about essential oils again!)

BUT THEN I actually sold my only bottle of lemon oil as soon as I got it - straight out of the box. Here I was immediately selling oils, people were coming to me with questions, people were coming to me with their babies, people were coming to me with their issues asking,

“Melissa, can your oils do anything for me?”

The thing that I loved from the very beginning about working with essential oils is that it gives me the opportunity to offer people hope. Not that I’m the one that can help them or provide any cure because God is the Great Healer. What I can do is offer support to different body systems through these pure and potent essential oils.

As I started selling the oils to people, I began studying and attending every educational opportunity that I could. I literally traveled across the country to learn more so that I could learn how to teach people - because my heartbeat is for education.

With essential oils and knowledge, it's possible to find hope again. If you feel like you have exhausted all pathways and don’t know where to turn. I’m here to teach you and point you toward essential oils - and not just any essential oils, but the purest, most potent essential oils on the market: doTERRA.

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Providing Hope for your Health Journey

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